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Hydrophobic ball valve

Hydrophobic ball valve

  • Valve Body Material:F11,F22,F91,F92
  • Valve Caliber:1/2''~4''
  • Pressure Range:Class 900~4500LB
  • Temperature Range:-29℃~650℃
  • Executive Standard

    Manufacturing Standards: ISO.17292-2004
    Structure Length: According to customer requirements
    Flange End Surface: ASME B16.11
    Test standard: MSS-SP-61


    The hydrophobic ball valve is Zhejiang Qingong Valve's experience in the power plant for many years and the analysis and in-depth study of the valve faults of various boiler plants, steam turbine plants and auxiliary machinery plants, and independently designed and developed a replacement for foreign famous brands 【VTI, Velan, MOGAS , SST】Hard-sealed ball valve under high temperature and high pressure conditions, hydrophobic ball valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure, high solid content medium, wear and corrosion resistant conditions, including power plant, petrochemical and mining industries.



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