Qingong corporate culture:

Business purpose】Serving the society means to treat customers well. To create harmony, it is to achieve a win-win situation.
Corporate Philosophy】Honesty, Social and Customer Satisfaction
Corporate spirit】Treat each job with the spirit of entrepreneurship, take each achievement as a new starting point, and continuously carry out new practice.
Business philosophy】Success comes from professionalism, technology creates power, knowledge is power, and honesty serves customers.
Management GoalsClear Responsibility Clear Objectives Collaborative Order Fast and Efficient
Basic duties of the operator】Creating performance, shaping the brand, building the model, building the team
Qin workers quality standards】Career loyalty Responsibility Professionalization Professionalization
Qin workers' basic tenets】Investing must have a return. Loyalty must have trust. Initiative must have innovation. Perseverance must have success.

Qingong valve quality policy:

“To provide customers with products and services that meet or exceed their needs and expectations.” This quality policy is obtained by Qin Gong through a wide range of customer research, interviews and evaluations, and is published in business plans and product targets. This quality policy is the basis of the quality management system of Qingong Valve in the quality manual. It is approved by the top management of the company and distributed to all employees. If necessary, it will be open to the public and any interested social groups. Considering the fact that current industry standards do not always take into account that valves occur under the working medium or environment in which they are carried. The possibility of degradation, and the causal relationship between its degradation. In order to better understand and enforce the standards, our customers are required to keep in touch and communicate with our technical department, which will enable the valve to be able to adapt to the degradation that may occur in the medium to ensure that the valve is safe to use longer than the valve. The expected life of the product.
Qingong Valve Quality Policy
Qingong Valve is committed to delivering the best quality products to customers, pursuing 100% customer satisfaction and sustainable development. We will implement the following policies.
The above commitments:

1. Management Commitment (Promoting quality and customer satisfaction as a competitive advantage)
2. Quality ownership (each employee is entitled to ownership and is responsible for the products/services and production processes they produce)
3. Responsive (24-hour customer response)
4. WCB implementation to promote continuous improvement of systems and methods (eg Kaizen, target configuration, 5S and error verification)
Meet customer needs with quality and service

The company's production has always adhered to the principle of quality first, customer first, and the quality control of products is extremely strict. And pay attention to the quality improvement activities have implemented TPM full equipment and equipment maintenance, 5S activities, small group activities, rationalization, automation, efficiency activities, CMI actively implement the entire plant computer automation. In order to enhance the customer's trust in the product and realize the company's business philosophy, we hope that the quality and service can meet the customer's needs through this quality management model.

Our Mission

Go all out to meet customer needs

Respond quickly to market changes

Continuous improvement, continuous improvement

Cultivate, develop and retain talent



Team spirit

Open communication and respect

Take responsibility

Growing up

Feel the fun

Corporate belief

Customer satisfaction is the only guarantee for career development

Strict discipline is a key factor in good quality and success

Active learning is an effective way to improve competitiveness

"Pursuing excellence" is to maintain a market-leading competitive advantage





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