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Check valve working principle

Check valves, also known as check valves, are divided into swing type and lift type. They are all common check valves. They are valves for preventing backflow of media on one-way flow pipes. Open or close, can be divided into three types of single-petal, double-petal and multi-petal, which is one of the more commonly used valves. Swing check valves are generally suitable for use in pipes with relatively clean fluid media. They are not suitable for use in applications with high viscosity or solid particles. Otherwise, the check valve will not be opened sensitively, and it will not be completely sealed. Back is not reliable enough. The swing check valve only allows the medium to flow in one direction, which effectively prevents the medium from flowing backwards.
   The working principle of the swing check valve is that the valve flap and the rocker are connected together and can be rotated by a certain angle around the pin shaft. When the pipe fluid flows in the specified direction (from left to right), the valve inlet pressure is higher than the outlet pressure. At this time, the valve flap is pushed away from the valve seat, and a certain position is rotated around the pin shaft, and the valve is in the open state. When the pressure difference between the two sides of the valve flap is reduced to a certain value, the valve flap falls and returns to the closed state. When the fluid flows from right to left, that is, reverse reverse flow, the pressure on the right side of the valve flap is higher than the pressure on the left side, and the force generated by the pressure difference on both sides presses the valve flap against the valve seat, and the fluid cannot pass, the medium It cannot be reversed; and the greater the fluid pressure, the tighter the sealing surface is pressed and the better the sealing effect.
   The swing check valve is installed in an unrestricted position. It can be installed horizontally in the pipe or on a vertical or inclined line, but if it is installed on a vertical pipe, the flow direction of the medium should be from bottom to top.





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