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Petroleum gas

With the gradual increase in demand for oil and gas products worldwide and the near exhaustion of oil and gas resources, the collection, transportation and processing technologies and requirements of oil and gas products have become increasingly complex, costly and increasingly subject to technical individualization requirements. . Today, the oil and gas industry is increasingly complicated by environmental policies, long-distance and strict environmental geography and other government policy restrictions. Qingong Valve has professional solutions to help you cope with the challenges.
Upstream: The upstream business is from the exploration and exploitation of land and marine crude oil to the refinery production of crude oil. Qingong Valves leverages our continuously innovative technology capabilities and a global sales and service network to help customers achieve the most challenging fluid technology application control and cost control.
Midstream: Midstream business refers to the safe and efficient transfer of oil and gas products from production and storage locations to processing plants and locations. General requirements ensure flexible business operations and sustained benefits from a changing global economy and energy landscape. This is the biggest challenge facing all midstream operators. Qingong Valve has a wide range of pipelines and delivery valves to help operators meet the challenges.
Downstream: Downstream business refers to the safe refining and refining of oil and gas products at the place of use. This type of operating company usually needs to use the complex and diverse valve types that are compatible with its final product. Qingong Valve has the most extensive product range and model of this type of business, which can help customers minimize operating costs and ensure compliance with low leakage environmental regulations.





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