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Metallurgical steelmaking

  The metallurgical mining industry generally refers to the mining and utilization of metal or non-metallic mineral resources. The valve conditions applied in the metallurgical mining industry are strict, the valve sealing performance is not good, the corrosion and wear problems in the production engineering cause the pipeline aging and the valve wear, which requires frequent maintenance and treatment, because of the short service life of the valve and the high frequency of maintenance. Long downtime. Therefore, the mining industry needs new valve solutions to help the mining and smelting process be safer and more efficient.
Qingong Valves utilizes advanced design and simulation software, including fluid mechanics calculation software (CFD) and ANSYS finite element analysis (FEA), to simulate product flow, mechanics and wear. Gate valves, metal-sealed ball and butterfly valves, developed and optimized with these advanced technologies, can significantly improve the overall performance of the product and help to achieve a long production cycle for process automation.
The valve solutions provided by Qingong Valves in the mining industry help to improve the safety environment, improve the working condition of the process pipeline, improve the customer's facility foundation, and extend the service life of the valve and reduce the downtime caused by maintenance.





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