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Coal chemical industry

The chemical industry is the basic industry and pillar industry of the national economy, and its development speed and scale have a direct impact on all aspects of the social economy. The chemical industry has many types of products, complex processes, diverse products, and the types of pollutants emitted in production are large, large in quantity and high in toxicity. Therefore, the development of the chemical industry to take the path of sustainable development has important practical significance for human economic and social development.
The modern chemical industry has been working to reduce emissions, increase plant safety and environmental protection, and face stringent government regulatory requirements that vary from country to country and market. Qingong Valve can provide the highest quality valve products to meet the needs of chemical production.
The Qingong Valve Chemical Industry Solution is certified to all applicable international standards to meet the most stringent environmental standards, including European TALuft, ISO15848, and SHELL77/312 low leakage standards. We work closely with our customers through our global sales network to help our customers leverage our manufacturing capabilities, experience and extensive knowledge of R&D technology to continuously innovate in chemical processes under new market opportunities.
The solutions are mainly used in: petrochemical, refining and pharmaceutical, and basic chemical industries.
The products mainly include: conventional ball valve butterfly valve, regulating valve, switch control valve and other series.





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